Mount Pleasant 
Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning – we can clean all your clothes from the day to day work attire to that after five evening dress.

Wet cleaning - this is for those garments that the care label states "Do not dry clean" we guarantee the same high finish as a dry cleaned garment.

Shirt laundering - allow us to give you the professional look, with a crisp well pressed shirt ensuring you look your best even with a busy life style.

Ironing Service - we can keep your entire family crease free.

Wedding gowns - whether it may be in preparation for the "big day" or preserving it for the rest of time. We provide a specialized hand finishing service to clean & protect your treasured gown.

Clothing repairs & Alterations - our stores are staffed by seamstresses allowing us to be your one stop shop; we can shorten or lengthen hems, replace zippers & buttons and repair garments. In fact we can carry out almost every clothing alteration or repair imaginable. 

Household Furnishings - we can help in your home too, cleaning bedspreads, doonas, blankets, and curtains will remove dust, allergens and dust mites to help protect your family.

Suede & leather - these are some of our specialities. We recommend that your garments be cleaned at least once a year, this will restore the oils in the garment and keep it looking its best.

Linen service – we can wash and dry clean your linen to remove all traces of oil and water based stains. We are experts in cleaning linens from individual delicate antique lace pieces to restaurant and commercial applications. Your linens will be folded and returned to you ready for your next occasion.